Neat-o Infographic on Dental Implants

It had to happen.

Finally a dental oral surgeon put together a fab infographic giving you lots of awesome facts about dental implants.  

Now I personally do not  know Dr. Green in Queens New York who put this  marvel of visuals and research together. But it's awesome. 

Dental Implants: Facts,Figures and Benefits



Want my take on dental implants? We've served many patients with dental implant needs and related oral surgery services.

I can't promise to be this succinct on one page, but I have three great introductions you may be interested with lotsa pictures and illustrations.

1.Introduction to Dental Implants

2. Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants <- Our most popular webpage! 

3. Dental Implant Video - Animation (Beautifully presented - no medical ickies)

When you have ten minutes, check these out some time!


Dr. Paul